The Netflix Effect

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By Laura Withers

In a recent Interview with Kevin Spacey, star of the hit Netflix original series "House of Cards," "Today" show host Matt Lauer shared a personal anecdote about his family's TV-watching habits that may sound familiar to operators of rural networks that support streaming video.

Lauer explained that his wife was watching an episode from the series' third season when he walked in the room to catch the last few moments of what he later learned was the final installment, potentially spoiling the episodes he had not yet watched..
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Marketing Matters

By Christian Hamaker

Rock-Star Sales Strategies

 Ryan Estis, a sales veteran and entrepreneur, recently spoke to attendees of the 2015 NTCA PR & Marketing Conference about how to engage in “rock-star sales” in the new economy. In this Q&A, Estis lays out his vision for how rural telcos can transform their sales to capitalize on the transformation in consumer tastes and telecom technology.
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