Bringing the Cloud to Rural Farms and Businesses

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By Emil Sayegh

Public health, education, high-tech farming and agriculture, seismic data collection, oil exploration and production, clean energy generation and management, transportation and disaster management are examples of the many industries that require intense computing resources, often in rural America.

Tech-savvy businesses in rural areas, just like in the major cities, are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud services as part of their core operations. Collecting, distributing and updating information is maximized when widespread coverage, reliable connectivity and proximal computing power are available.

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How Smart Farm Technology Is Transforming Agriculture

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By Kristy McDermott

Modern farming is a complex and difficult business that requires a great deal of technology for efficiency and success. According to Joe Hossle, a farm operator in Southwest Iowa, the enduring concept of farming as a way of life is off-base.

“This is a business that is every bit as complicated as any other manufacturing concern,” Hossle said. “Any farmer that wants to be successful needs to pay attention to every detail of the operation, from the costs of fuel, seed, feed and fertilizer, to the efficient use of each of these important means of production.”

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