Cover photoDo Incentive Plans Really Work?

By Linda Ulrich

Over the years, much has been written about whether incentives can motivate employee behavior. Money is one factor in driving employee performance, and an incentive can focus employees’ attention on specific actions and behaviors that can help an organization achieve desired results. Take the example of a basketball team that consistently focuses on improving foul shooting. This effort can pay off with additional scoring opportunities that can change a potential loss into a win.

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Visual Data: Rural Broadband’s Positive Economic Impact

Highlights from "The Economic Impact of Rural Broadband," a report from the Hudson Institute and the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS). For full details, go to

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Are You Sure You're Secure?

Traditional approaches to cybersecurity using firewalls, anti-virus, and vulnerability scans are no longer sufficient to protect against advanced cyber threats. One "click" on a phishing email can bypass thousands of dollars of security features. Then what information will be available to cybercriminals to steal or encrypt?

Dynetics supports one of only six teams authorized by NSA to test national security systems. That expertise can help you build a resilient enterprise prepared to withstand today's advanced cyber-attacks. While breaches are inevitable, significant impacts don't have to be!

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