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State of Mind

How New York Set Out to Bring Access to All by 2018

By Laura Withers

When announcing the availability of $500 million in public funding for broadband deployment in his state, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo looked to the past to put the unprecedented investment into perspective.

“This is infrastructure for today,” he said. “It is Eisenhower’s highway road system of the ’50s. It’s what Gov. Smith, what DeWitt Clinton did with the Erie Canal. Broadband is that basic a requirement.”

His words would carry to the halls of Congress and federal agencies more than 300 miles south of Albany, where a national dialogue about broadband rivaling roads, bridges and airports as 21st century infrastructure would soon catch fire. ... Read more


Cover photoA Few Questions

By Mike Becker
General Manager/Chief Executive Officer Hartelco (Hartington, Neb.)

How big is Hartelco’s service area, and how many broadband customers do you reach?

Hartelco is located in Hartington, Neb., and serves the county seat in central Cedar County with 255 miles of fiber optic cable within our 198-square-mile service area. Hartington has a population of 1,550, and in 2014 it won the Governor’s Showcase Award as the best town in Nebraska ... Read more



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All Companies Can Embrace a Servant-Leader Mentality

A Q&A With Adam Schwartz
By Mark Marion

Adam Schwartz is the founder and principal of The Cooperative Way, a consulting firm dedicated to assisting cooperative businesses succeed. We caught up with him in our Arlington office just after he got back from his trip to Madagascar, where he worked with vanilla bean farmers to establish a new agriculture cooperative. Read more


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