Cover photoGet Smart: Smart Rural Community Turns 5

By Joshua Seidemann

In September 2017, NTCA recognized 13 rural broadband providers with the Smart Rural CommunitySM Showcase award. Below we offer a retrospective of a half decade of Smart Rural Community that explores the history of the initiative, elements of its programming and achievements its award recipients have enjoyed.

About six years ago, NTCA staff met with an international tech firm that was beginning to articulate a vision for smart cities. Intelligent architecture for public utility grids, smart homes and autonomous vehicles were among several ideas that emerged, all aiming toward a goal of creating efficient and technically advanced communities. These ideas were presented as having relevance mostly for big cities, where relief from transportation or other infrastructure strains warrant pursuit.

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Cover photoA Few Questions

By Christian Hamaker

Dave Osborn, Chief Executive Officer
Valley Telephone Cooperative and the VTX1 Cos. (Raymondville, TX)

How long have you been CEO of the VTX1 Cos.?

I started this position in April 2005 after running our fixed wireless sister company for a year. Our companies have tripled in revenues, net income and assets since that time.

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