FirstNet’s TJ Kennedy: A Passion for Public Safety

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By Christian Hamaker

TJ Kennedy has a long history with public safety, but it’s the future of public safety that gives his work focus today. Kennedy, acting general manager of the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet)—the group charged with establishing the first nationwide public safety broadband network—combines the focused intensity of an emergency front-line first responder with the coordination skills of an Olympics organizer and the polish of a pitchman and seasoned advocate.
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Business Matters

By Chris Skidmore

Industrywide Survey Reveals Rural Telecom Trends

 If history is any indication of the future and if the trends reflected in the “2014 Telergee Benchmarking Study” continue, it is likely that the independent telco industry in the coming years will see an increase in plant investment activity, increased diversification, narrowing margins and increased employee turnover. The comprehensive study for the rural telecom industry calculates nationwide benchmarks, primarily related to financial performance, and includes information about management practices, and current and planned service offerings. More than 200 companies participated in the 2014 study. The information in the study provides valuable benchmarking information but also shows industrywide trends and patterns.
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