Partnering with Your Electric Utility: Threat or Opportunity?

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By Masha Zager

It seems like a match made in heaven. Rural telcos have broadband know-how and are looking to expand their customer bases. Rural electric utilities have customers who are desperate for broadband, and the utilities are building out fiber for smart grids— but most have little telecom expertise. Shouldn't the two be able to work together? Pioneering telcos and electric co-ops have proven that such partnerships can benefit both companies—and especially their customers. In some cases, a telco-electric utility partnership is the only realistic hope for delivering broadband to an under-served rural area.
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Risk Manager

By Peter J. Elliott

Getting to Know Your Commercial General Liability Policy

 Some say success breeds success. Using college basketball as an example (down to the Final Four of the NCAA tournament as this is being written), it is easy to see a possible connection. The last four colleges or universities that played had pretty strong reputations for good academic and athletic programs, which helps them recruit college-bound athletes. But even young athletes, well short of their college years and picking where they will attend, are forming allegiances from the media exposure these schools are getting for being part of the Final Four. Their current reputation carries into the future unless something dramatic changes. This holds true for businesses as well.
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